Early Morning Avocet – 15 MAY 2024

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On my most recent road trip, I visited a wildlife refuge with hopes of finding some migrating birds laying over during their journey. This particular refuge is a favorite of mine because it allows camping at designated campsites within the refuge, making it convenient for late evening and early morning wildlife photography. Unfortunately, I was plagued with mosquitos in the evening which made any time outside of my vehicle miserable, until the wind picked up and kept them away. By then I had missed any opportunity for evening wildlife shots. The next morning I did awake early, before sunrise, and headed out to a spot I thought would have good morning colors to help highlight any wildlife on the water.



This photo of an avocet in the early morning light was the image I had envisioned when I was looking for wildlife and morning colors. A few moments later, I turned around and watched as the sun began to creep up on the horizon and I was able to enjoy the colors of the sunrise and the start of another good day in nature.  =efh=


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