Harrier Gliding over Marsh – 20 December 2023

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It’s been foggy in the South Sound the last few days, really foggy. Regardless, I love the fog. It is quiet, calming and often mysterious. It slows things down, gives you time to think and allows you to notice life around you in a different light. I went for a walk in the fog this morning in the forests and marshes nearby. I ran into a young man who told me he just got home yesterday from traveling out of country and the first place he visited when he got home was the marshes. He said he missed our NW environment (the wetlands, marshes and forests) and they called to him along with the fog. I know how he felt.

I also watched a lone Norther Harrier gliding quietly over the marsh as they often do in search of food. Harriers are very distinctive hawks, with long wings and tails and often resemble an owl. Much like an owl, they fly close to the ground often relying on sound and their keen sense of hearing rather than eyesight to locate prey. This one soon glided out of sight, and I continued my wondering in the fog. =efh=

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