Hummingbirds – 16 May 2011

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We have several hummingbird feeders at our house and in the springtime when the hummers start to return to this area, they are buzzing around like flies.  I will fill my three feeders up once day and as soon as I return home from work, the feeders are empty again.

Despite the numbers, I have spent many hours trying to get good printable photos of these little guys.  It is not easy since they buzz in and out so quick.  When I stand outside by the feeders, the hummingbirds don’t come around.  As soon as I walk inside, they start to come by again.  However, as soon as I move back outside, they take off.  I have tried setting my camera on a tripod and leaving it there, and that still does not help.  Plus you need a fast shutter speed (which means good light) or a flash to really capture them.

Today, I decided to use patience to try and photograph the hummers.  I chose a location near one of the feeders where I was partially behind a post.  Using an 85mm lens, I prefocused on an area and then stood still and waited for a hummingbird to fly into the cameras view.  It took me a while but paid off.  I finally was able to get several good photos of a Rufous Hummingbird as it visited the feeder.

Next, I will try and capture the hummingbird feeding from a flower rather than a feeder.  That will be a challenge and I will probably have to figure out a different technique.


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