Rocky Brook Falls – 20 February 2018

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Yesterday I went hiking in the Olympics. It was cold; I don’t think the temperature got above 32 degrees, but it felt good. My first stop was at this waterfall named Rocky Brook Falls, a large horsetail or fan waterfall which drops some 200+ feet to a boulder pool below. Because it was so cold, the mist from the waterfall had coated the boulders and rocks with a thin layer of ice making it difficult to climb on and cross the creek. I did get across, but not after slipping twice and ending up knee deep in water.

There is something very calming and uplifting about waterfalls. I don’t know if it is the sound of the falling water, the movement of the water over the rocks, or just the hypnotic effects of nature at work but I can sit and look at waterfalls for hours. There is some scientific evidence that waterfalls can actually improve your mood. It has something to do with negative ions and how negative ions are necessary for high mental energy and creating positive moods. Evidently, waterfalls are loaded with negative ions. So, next time you’re feeling down, go for a hike to a waterfall. Apparently, just being outdoors in the fresh air can have the same effect, especially after a storm.


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