Capital Fountain – 13 November 2009

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I have been watching this fountain for years and always liked the way it adds to the capital landscape here in Olympia. The water squirts up from holes in the concrete in a completely random pattern so you never know just when and where the water will squirt up. In the summer it provides hours of cool amusement for children who come to play in the water and endlessly chase the water jets. In the evening when the lights come on it adds a special accent to Olympia. I have photographed kids playing in the water jets, couples dancing to music in the fountain during festivals and even wedding portraits with the entire wedding party cautiously milling about in the fountain. When I decided I wanted to photography to capital at night I thought that adding the fountain would help complete the picture and make it more than just another photo of our states capital building.

I spent a couple hours and took, I don’t know how may photos (hundreds), to get just the right shot with the capital framed within the fountain and not obscured by a stream of water… and I’m happy with the end result.


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